Compassionate Children’s Organization & Christian Nonprofit

What We Do

EACH Foundation, Inc. strives to bring betterment to the world and lives of youth in foster care who are residing in Forsyth County, NC, by supporting them in their journey to independence. Our founder, Lily Alexander, is a former foster child who truly understands the needs associated with (aging out of the system). She has 12 years' experience working with and helping foster children. She is a Guardian Ad Litem, and is working closely with the Department of Social Services to meet the needs of the children in care.

Our Story

Lily Alexander started as a Guardian Ad Litem in 2010, and began working with social services to help provide things for children long before she gave it a name. She started this foundation with the aim of providing more support and outreach.

EACH Foundation, Inc. is a Christian nonprofit children’s organization based in Clemmons, North Carolina. We bridge the gap between the community and the children in care, and we hope to provide the missing pieces for youth who will age out of the foster care system by empowering them to live successfully in the real world.

Mission Statement

The EACH Foundation is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of youth in foster care who are residing in Forsyth County, North Carolina, and to supporting former foster youth in their journey to becoming successful adults. With Christ's help through programs, the Church, advocacy efforts, and direct involvement with youth, the EACH Foundation seeks to be a catalyst for change.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a leading Christian Organization serving youth in care in North Carolina. To be recognized for our impact both locally and beyond in bettering the lives of foster children and empowering emancipated young adults.

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What is a Foster Child?

Youth in foster care have been abused, abandoned or neglected by their parents or legal guardian, and who, through no fault of their own, have been removed from their homes by the Department of Social Services. Youth in foster care face an extra set of challenges that severely impacts their opportunities to develop into independent and stable adults.

What Happens to Youth When They Age Out of Foster Care

When a child in care turns eighteen, they emancipate, or more commonly known, age out of the foster care system. This means that they are no longer a dependent of the state and are responsible for their own well-being. Former youth in care face the challenges of finding housing, work and enrolling in school — ALONE. With more than 425,000 children and older youth in the nation's foster system, the number of children who exit the foster care system each year without finding a permanent family has increased over the years by nearly 29,500.

* Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth