One Church-One Child Program

EACH Foundation Inc. strives to bring betterment to the world and lives of youth in foster care residing in Forsyth County by supporting their journey to independence. Our founder, Lily Alexander, is a former foster child who truly understands the needs associated with “aging out of the system”. She has ten years of experience working with and helping foster children. She is a Guardian Ad Litem and is working closely with the Department of Social Services to meet the needs of children in care.

We hope to provide the missing pieces for youth who will age out of the foster care system by empowering them to live successfully in the real world. Through our flagship program One Church-One Child, we aim to match each child with one church that will help that child on their way to independence.

The Bible clearly teaches us that we are to look after and defend the fatherless. Government programs have failed our nation’s youth in foster care and it’s up to the members of Christ’s Church to do as we have been commanded. We have been recognized by the LINKS program.